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Sản phẩm bán chạy


Atek is partnership to global leader manufacturers of Battery Test Equipment and Fabrication Equipment such as

  • - Charge/discharge battery testing systems
  • - Charge/discharge supercapacitor testing systems
  • - Charge/discharge flow battery testing systems
  • - Cell Isolating Thermal Safety Chamber
  • - Redundant Safety Monitoring System
  • - HPC Measurements (Coulombic Efficiency)
  • - Electrochemical R&D, Battery & Supercapacitor Testing
  • - Half‐Cell Testing and Materials Research
  • - Life Cycle Testing

We work hard to provide the best service and testing equipment as a tool for both researchers and industry. Our customers include some of the largest electric vehicle manufacturers, consumer electronic manufacturers, universities and research labs, and battery manufacturers.

Arbin Instruments

Arbin is a global leader in manufacturing test equipment for batteries and other energy storage device applications.  The battery industry has skyrocketed over the last decade and so has Arbin by nearly quadrupling in revenue over the same period to continue the history of innovation. 






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